Buying a Home?

If you’re ready to buy your dream home, Vance Realty agents are ready to help.

Our independent brokerage and flexible style allow us to focus on you, our client. By listening and asking the right questions, we can begin a dialogue with you about your home search process. Understanding your needs and wants and guiding your buying process as you learn about the different areas, sizes, ages and price points of properties in the greater Tucson area is very important. We are here to help prevent unexpected consequences of your home purchase. We want you to be a satisfied buyer and our loyal customer and friend.

What are your ideal characteristics in your home search right now? Your answers to the questions below are a great place to start the dialogue in the quest for your next home.


Your family & your needs

Finances & Planning

Familiarity with Tucson

Where else have you lived?

Have you looked around?

How much space do you need/want?


What type of work do you do?

Is your income regular or sporadic?

Do you want to be conservative and have lower payments, or do you want the most home you can qualify for?


Do you have children? What are their ages? Are the school choices important to you?

What will your commute times be like? (Consider evaluating annual cost in time/mileage v. higher or lower payment.)

Where do you go when you run errands? What types of places do you visit each month? Do you want to be close to those?

What characteristics do you desire in a neighborhood?